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ClutchBet Help

How ClutchBet can Help

To assist our customers in gambling responsibly, ClutchBet offers the following features, services and information:

  • Pre-commitment limits, including deposit and loss
  • Monthly Activity Statements
  • Self-exclusion options, whether temporary or permanent
  • Information and links to gambling helplines and other organisations
  • Training ClutchBet employees on responsible gambling which is maintained annually

Pre-commitment limits

Research shows that gambling problems are reduced when members decide in advance how much money they are willing to spend. Deposit and loss limits are available for your ClutchBet account and can be arranged for either 1 day, 7 day or 30-day cycles.

These facilities operate from the second they are applied to the account and whilst you can decrease amounts at any time, increases to amounts or removing limits all together, will not take effect until the current cycle has lapsed.

How to set pre-commitment limits

  • Log on to your ClutchBet account
  • Select My Details
  • Under Pre-commitment Settings enter the deposit and/or loss amount
  • Select your limit frequency
  • Select Update Settings to Save your changes

Monitor Your Transactions

You can readily access a full history of transactions, withdrawals and deposits through the "My Account" or “My Details” icon on our website or alternatively contact your friendly ClutchBet support staff at [email protected] for further transaction history information relating to your wagering account.

Self Exclusion (Temporary or Permanent)

Self Exclusion (banning yourself from gambling websites) can be helpful in reducing your opportunities to gamble. If you need a break from gambling, you can opt to self-exclude from our services for Seven days or Six months. Our staff can provide assistance should you elect to close your ClutchBet account.

To apply a self-exclusion on your account:

  • Log on to your ClutchBet account
  • Select My Details
  • Under Account Closure Settings select the duration you wish to exclude from your ClutchBet account
  • Select Update Settings to Save your changes
  • Confirm your changes

Our team can also aid should you elect to close your ClutchBet account. You can either email on [email protected] or call 1 888 368 2221.

We encourage you to contact other Wagering sites you may have accounts with when you elect to self-exclude. ClutchBet will only act on Self Exclusion addressed to ClutchBet and cannot apply Self Exclusion relating to any other Wagering site to us.

If you would like to self-exclude from multiple wagering operators, the Iowa Racing and Commission manages a multi-operator self-exclusion scheme for all wagering operators licensed in Iowa. CLICK HERE for more information about the scheme.

We also recommend removing any Gambling related apps you may have downloaded to any of your devises.

If you feel you need more help to stop gambling, you can download software to disable your access to online gambling sites:


Please contact our Customer Service team if you would like further information about Self Exclusion. They can be reached via Live Chat and Email at [email protected]

Training our staff about Responsible Gambling

Our friendly staff are trained about responsible gambling during induction and at least once each year.

We aim to achieve the following outcomes:

  • Minimising the extent of gambling related harm to individuals and the broader community.
  • Enabling customers to make informed decisions about their gambling practices.
  • Enabling people adversely affected by gambling to have access to timely and appropriate assistance and information.
  • Promoting a shared understanding between individuals, communities, the gambling industry and government of responsible gambling practices.
  • Ensuring the gambling industry provides safe and supportive environments for the delivery of gambling products and services.

Our customer service team can be reached via