ClutchBet™ - FAQ - How do Bonus Bets work

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How do Bonus Bets work?

Bonus bets are free bets that are given to players as a show of appreciation! These bets must be wagered one time through, and the winnings may be withdrawn or bet again at your discretion. That is to say, the bonus does not convert to cash, but your winnings do!

The only area of ClutchBet where bonus funds cannot be used is while a player is participating in a promotion.

To see if you have any bonus bets available, you go into the ClutchBet website or app and click the drop-down arrow where it shows your account balance. A menu will then appear with a "Bonus Bets" option.

You will then select the "Bonus Bets" option and be directed to a page that shows all your available bonus funds. If you were awarded a bonus that can be split, there will be a "SPLIT BET" button below your bonus amount. Click this and all the possible ways to split your bonus bets will appear. Simply select one of these options and click "APPLY SPLIT" to confirm.

If you want to wager your bonus bets, you simply select the market you would like to wager on. __Please note:__ Players may only use one Bonus Bet per event. When the correct wager appears in the betslip there will be a "Apply Bonus Bet" option. Click this and select the bonus funds you wish to use for the wager. Next you will click the green "PLACE BET" to complete your bonus bet.

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