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Introducing ClutchBet’s

In a world exclusive, bettors can now make the ultimate head-to-head player parlay using player prop markets in each eligible game.
ClutchBet’s ClutchClash is a parlay product that allows you to select the winners of key stat categories in a superstar vs superstar matchup in your favorite sports - exclusive to ClutchBet!

Bet on popular stats in the
big leagues

ClutchClash provides markets in the following leagues:


For NFL ClutchClash offers 3 different markets and they are:

Quarterback (QB)

ClutchClash FAQ

How do I find ClutchClash matchups?

NFL: Simply navigate to 'Football' via the sports menu or 'Popular' links and select ‘Player Matchups’ via the tab provided.

NBA: As matchups for NBA are same game only, simply navigate to the match markets and select the ‘Player Matchups’ tab provided for each game.

Markets will usually be available a day or so before gametime.

Where are stats used to result ClutchClash parlay obtained from?

ClutchClash parlay results are based on official stats from NBA and NFL competitions. (Ie. &

What if I can’t find the player I'm looking for in the matchups?

ClutchClash matchups are based on the most prominent players in each league. Players who tend to achieve the highest statistics are more likely to be featured in ClutchClash matchups.

Can I bet on player matchups from the same team?

Yes, but only on NBA matches. Some of the greatest rivalries exist in the locker room and the big time players want the ball when it matters. You just need to pick who gets it done.

What if a player doesn’t take the field?

ClutchClash bets are only valid in the event that both players in the ClutchClash matchup take to the field/court.